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Menstruation to the female it is very important, because menstruation can help a female recuperate the body not only, still can help the toxin inside female eduction body and rubbish. But menstruation always can bring very big trouble to the female, especially a few went up the female friend of age, often can face such problem. For instance a few women appeared the problem of menstrual uterine bleeding, so what meaning is woman uterine bleeding?

What meaning is woman uterine bleeding?

Uterine bleeding is the floorboard that during the woman is not go by, the vagina bleeds. Clinical basically behave for its with vaginal haemorrhage. The force with which sth breaks out is urgent, the haemorrhage of; weighing collapse with haemorrhage much capacity is measured little or dripping wet is ceaseless say to leak. The functional sex uterus of modern medicine bleeds, female genital inflammation, the vagina that appears tumor bleeds, all belong to uterine bleeding category.

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Give priority to the traditional Chinese medical science of department of gynaecology that wants show to weigh evidence ceaselessly with the vagina bleeds in great quantities or leaving blood, free from inhibition continuously. General with the force with which sth breaks out urgent, haemorrhage is measured much person quantity of haemorrhage of the; that it is collapse is little, dripping wet ungodliness person to leak. Uterine bleeding is filled by element body this world more, or evil of feeling be heated, or liver gloomy turns internal heat, essence of life of deficiency of yin with irritability is short, the faze inside empty heat, blood heats up lienal empty of body of element of absurd travel; , dietary service tired, scathing disposition, yu blood move sluggishly, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Service of early Yo of; marring too early, productive room, long ill injury kidney, seal Tibet not to originally etc cause.

What meaning is woman uterine bleeding?

Common disease have:

Heat of blood of ① deficiency of yin with irritability uterine bleeding. Card sees do not have via coming period, dripping wet ceaseless or measure abruptly much, redness of skin is scarlet, hectic fever, the mouth does pharynx dry, brothers heart is hot, or insomnia, be agitated, glossal red liver mosses is yellow, fine number of arteries and veins. Treat appropriate to raise Yin Qing to heat up, classics of cool blood solid, fang Yongqing heats up solid classics soup to wait.

Heat of ② liver stagnation of the blood uterine bleeding. Card sees classics chaos is not had period, die when hourglass, color is scarlet qualitative stiff, be agitated is irritable, breast bilges, glossal red liver mosses is yellow, bowstring of arteries and veins is counted. The Qing Dynasty that treat appropriate heats up Yu Zhi blood, fang Yongdan Zhi is free bolus.

What meaning is woman uterine bleeding?

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Uterine bleeding. Card sees suddenly collapse falls or dripping wet is ceaseless, color is light qualitative rare, complexion not China, be discouraged is faint, feed little bosom to cover tightly, palpitation, or jalf congealed, the tongue is weak, arteries and veins is frail. Treat appropriate filling gas to photograph blood, just stop originally with solid collapse soup, put in lienal soup ‘s charge to wait.

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Leak. Card sees classics blood dripping wet issues blood ceaseless or suddenly the capacity is much, redness of skin is violet dark have piece, alvine and aching refus is pressed, yu piece eduction is painful decrease, the tongue is dark red dot having Yu, arteries and veins is heavy acerbity. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, hemostatic, fang Yongtao is red 4 content soup.

⑤ kidney empty does not originally model uterine bleeding. Card sees haemorrhage quantity is little, dripping wet is more than, or next hematic capacities are suddenly much, color is lightShanghai noble baby

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Red or violet dark, lumbar backbone aching and limp, alvine sky falls, or insomnious night sweat, irritated heat, or Wei is cold, jalf congealed, red or the tongue is weak, fine number of arteries and veins or heavy weak.

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