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Menstruation is the no-no food that can have a lot of, if absorbed these food to won’t feel the body has any incommensurate state possibly instantly, but the degree that such for a long time going down that can discover him dysmenorrhoea becomes send more serious, it is the case that occurrence menstruation does not move even, so to yam this is planted food is to should want to reduce edible, because this kind of food is to belong to food of a kind of cool sex, absorb overmuch meeting to bring about algidity to enter system.

 Can menstruation eat yam

5 big no-no food

No-no 1: Eat salty feed: The woman comes in menstruation diet is written down sincerely before tide salty feed. Because salty feed can make the salinity inside body and moisture lay aside estimate increase, come in menstruation before tide, progestational hormone grow in quantity, appear easily oedema, have a headache wait for a phenomenon. Menstruation will before tide 10 days begin to eat low salt food, won’t appear afore-mentioned symptoms.

No-no 2: Drink the beverage that contain gas: Many jubilation that drink contain the female of gas beverage, can appear in menses tired and faint with the phenomenon with depressed spirit, this is the expression that iron lacks character. BecauseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The beverage such as soda water is contained mostlyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Have phosphate, produce chemical reaction character with the iron inside body, make iron is absorbed hard character. In addition, because key link and gastric juice counteract the bicarbonate in soda water,much water soda water is met, reduce the digestive ability of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and antiseptic effect, and affect appetite.

No-no 3: Eat excitant food: Menstruation comes excitant food and chili and so on also do not eat before tide, eat oil of fat, animal and sweet food even less.

No-no 4: Eat food of hot raw or cold food: The food of hot raw or cold food is stimulating, cause pelvic cavity easily vasomotor and cause classics blood quantity to balk too less even. Additional, the excitant material such as smoke wine also can have certain effect to menstruation, if avoid these undesirable stimulation carelessly, if things go on like this, can produce dysmenorrhoea or menstruation is disorder.

 Can menstruation eat yam

No-no 5: Eat deepfry fat food.

Dietotherapy of classics of 9 a solar month of 31 days

One, decoct takes towel gourd. 1, with 30g of towel gourd sth resembling a net, with water simmer in water, add to be taken orally of yellow rice or millet wine, treat menses lumbago. 2, drying of filar melon seeds, water simmer in water, add the least bit brown sugar, strong yellow rice or millet wine is lukewarm take, morning and evening each 1. Advocate treat menstruation to be not moved. 3, old towel gourd 1, burn put a sex, grind end, take 9g every time, with saline boiled water tone is taken, can manage period overmuch.

2, black agaric a certain number of, bake dry grindsLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Into delicate last stage, send with brown sugar take, every time 3-5 day, treat woman menstruation to be not moved.

3, cock cockscomb 2, flavor boil feed, day takes 1-2 second, every lunar eclipse 3Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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– 5 days. Treat woman menstruation to be not moved.

4, bean curd 2, hotpot 50g, ginger 17g, add salt to flavor, the cooked food that boil is taken. Advocate manage periodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Not empty of tone, taste is cold.

5, dry celery 500g, add water two cups, decoct becomes 1 cup, mufti advocate treat menstrual cycle to forbid, shift to an earlier date 8, 9 days, even January 1-2 second (namely) of menstrual in advance.

6, angelica 10g, water simmer in water, infiltrate egg 2, add brown sugar 50g. Take 1 times after menstruation every time. Advocate treat menstruation to be not moved, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it.

7, longan flesh 30Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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G, 15g of bright red jujube, the soup that boil eats. Advocate treat functional strength palace to bleed.

 Can menstruation eat yam

8, crucian carp fish or carp go scale goes splanchnic, abluent, become scale glue with Wen Shuiao, take 30g every time, take with to hydrate of lukewarm wine add. Advocate treat menstruation to be not moved.

9, rice 100g, shepherd’s purse 250g(is dry taste 90g) , boil gruel edible together. Advocate treat menstruation to be not moved.

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