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Unplug commonly the refreshment of the tooth time should be controlled in a week, it is normally when unplugging the tooth arrives the 5th day, basically had restored, unplugging 24 hours can have inchoate after the tooth red the phenomenon with oedema, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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But wait for anaesthesia and red oedema all after subsidise, the patient can have a bit thing normally, but dental periphery does not want too go chewing forcibly thing, can eat first stream feed.

Unplug tooth the 5th day

Unplug the note after the tooth:

1. bites close absorbent cotton 1 hour, take nextLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Go out;

2. saliva all the time downward pharynx, avoid by all means spits saliva, because spit buccal water,easy pollution unplugs tooth nest increases infection risk, the saliva after absorbent cotton is taken out still continues next pharynx;

3. unplugs tooth 2 hour hind are OK food, before 3 days eat food of lukewarm cool fluidity, 4-7 day is pappyForum of Shanghai night net

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Unplug tooth the 5th day

4. unplugs the cold compress inside 24 hours reachs the designated position after the tooth, can reduce oedema and ache effectively;

5. anaesthetic effect unplugs commonly the 2 after the hour subsidise after the tooth, aching and fierce word profess to convinced double chloric delay of fragrance acid natrium commentate capsule (Nuofuding or Buluofen) , the profess to convinced before the proposal sleeps in the evening an acetanilide medicaments, infection risk can be reduced if night has rested;

6. unplugs tooth hind cannot brush his teeth inside 24 hours gargle! ! ! Cannot lick with tongue suck unplug tooth cut! ! ! Cannot relapse piece of observation that close a mouth is exciting unplug tooth cut! ! ! Unplug tooth hind cannot do acuteness exercise inside 3 days! ! ! (above ” cannot ” should be abided by strictly, can reduce infection risk) ;

Unplug tooth the 5th day

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7. unplugs tooth hind contains hematic silk to attribute normal phenomenon in the saliva inside 24 hours, consistent straight haemorrhage or ooze blood are seasonable further consultation with a doctor;

After the tooth with relatively complex 8. pulls out (time grows or scar is big) , but day of 3-5 of medicaments of diminish inflammation of profess to convinced (element of Luo Gong mildew and abstruse saltpetre Zun) or Jing Di antibiotic 3 days (abide by advocate examine doctor doctor’s advice) ;

9. unplugs tooth1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Hind the 3rd day of groovy further consultation with a doctor, eliminate to affect a likelihood, if block dentition pulls out,have seam a needleForum of Shanghai night net

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Need to unplug the tooth demolishs suture after 7 days.

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