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To the child, original body immunity force is lower, if lie for long among airtight environment, form bacterial infection very easily, form then search hives. The main characteristic that searchs hives is the ache of discontinuity, arrived to be met in the evening especially more serious, but the temperature with appropriate urticaria shoulds not be too hot also do not want too cold, must be in ventilated environment, such meetings accelerate an illness to improve, cut cicatrizations.

 Is nettle rash afraid of heat

Children urticaria symptom is not acute more than 6 weeks, more than 6 Zhou Wei is chronic. ChronicForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Nettle rash is right specific antigen produces allergic reaction. Nettle rash goes out with circulating in each place of the bodyShanghai night net

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It is a feature now. Sometimes by day well, arrive to be able to become serious in the evening. Ate specific food, after be being bitten by the insect such as ant, or because of the cutaneous after mentally is excited one part aglow, bloated, Sao is urticant, it is nettle rash likely.

 Is nettle rash afraid of heat

Nettle rash common weighs wheal. Because small hemal dilate reachs the skin, mucous membrane,be osmotic the reaction of oedema of a kind of limitation that increase and appears, be in normally 2 ~ the subsidise inside 24 hours, but produce new rash repeatedly. Day of number of defer of course of diseases comes a few months. Clinical go up relatively common.

Damage basically for group of skin occurrence wind. Changxian has skin Sao to itch, immediately occurrence wind is round, show vermeil or cadaverous color, skin scene, a few patient has oedema sex erythema. The size of wind group and configuration are differ, fit time is errant. Wind group spreads gradually, confluence is become piece, as a result of dermal tit oedema, it is thus clear that mouth of cuticular wool bursa caves downward. Wind group lasts several minutes to come several hours, minority can lengthen the subsidise after coming several days, do not leave a mark. Rash happens group by group repeatedly, send an author to see more with the dusk. Constant extensive sends wind group, yi Ke confine. SometimesShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Oedema, now and then wind round face forms big blister.

 Is nettle rash afraid of heat

Partial patient can be accompanied have disgusting, vomiting, have a headache, the head bilges, bellyacke, diarrhoea, serious patient still can have a bosom cadaverous, heartbeat quickens frowsty, unwell, complexion, pulse slim and fragile, blood pressure drops, breath is short wait for the whole body1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Disease at short-term inside heal person, call acute urticaria. If have a relapse to amount to instead every week at least two successive 6 weeks are called with the person that go upShanghai Long Feng forum

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Chronic urticaria. Besides afore-mentioned common model nettle rash, still have the nettle rash of the following and special kind.

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