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Cerebral thrombus is a kind of very serious illness, once come on,the harm to the patient is very big, it often can be brought about appear apoplecticly. Want to treat and prevent cerebral thrombus, must improve the small loop of cerebrum, want to strengthen the take good care of sb of dietary respect already at ordinary times, also want to use a few medicaments to treat, can increase the flow of cerebral blood stream so, this is a when prevent thrombus important step, we will understand cerebral thrombus simply how to be treated.

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 How is cerebral thrombus treated

The cure of cerebral thrombus

(1) improves cerebral blood circulation:

Use enlarge look and treatment of hemal and outspread agent commonly, can improve cerebral blood circulation, increase cerebral blood flow, to in an attempt to is contractible infarction limits.

Commonly used medicaments has small element dextrose road of head of anhydride, 706 acting plasma, nicotinic acid, narceine, dimension is connected, the Qin of fluid of inject of the root of red-rooted salvia of 654-2, compound, the rhizome of chuanxiong, bolus that fight bolt, already ketone cocoa is alkaline, earth up him to decide, compare on the west spirit. Anhydride has small element dextrose augment blood capacity, reduce hematic viscosity, improve small loop, prevent red blood cell to condense action. Daily Jing Di 250, 500 milliliter, use consecutively 7, 10 days.

 How is cerebral thrombus treated

The method that somebody uses dehydration and band of enlarge look look treats acute head block, the result is right also.

Specific means: 20% manna alcohol is used namely after coming on 250 milliliter, daily 1 times vein drips, have have a headache, disgusting, vomiting or recognizant obstacle person, daily 2. 3, after 5 days, reoccupy head blood-vessel protects piece of agent, road of the head that be like dimension is connected or slow drop enters narceine vein, daily 1, 7-l01000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Second for L period of treatment.

 How is cerebral thrombus treated

(2) fights coagulate therapeutics:

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The patient of voice, the purpose is to prevent thrombus enlarge delays aggravating illness. With fight coagulate before therapeutics, should undertake cerebral CT is checked normally, the proof runs to be short of disease of courage and uprightness. The person that have haemorrhage tendency, if mobile sex ulcer is ill, serious,liver kidney disease reachs infection sex blood-vessel embolism avoid is used. Daily should measure a cruor time, cruor zymogen time and activity to spend. Commonly used heparin, sweet legumin kind. Heparin 12500-25000 unit, dissolve at 5% dextrose fluid 500-l000 fine long hairFall in love with the sea

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Rise, slow Jing Di, normally minutely 15, 20. 24, after 36 hours achieve the effect that should have, inspect illness control1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Use. Sweet legumin kind at the same time profess to convinced, the 1st day 20Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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0, 300 milligram, later daily maintain 50-100 milligram, treat a day to number depends on an illness and be decided.

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