” visional arena 2014 ” introduce Xue Jingxiao of new map castle to shake if really

With visional 4 engine make ” visional arena 2014 ” not long ago introduced one Chill DM map of Zhang Quanxin, the style is full of the feeling of mediaeval Gu Bao, picture effect can be described more with the shock. No matter you are ” visional arena 2014 ” player, so outstanding game cut pursues you should be not missed.

Epic rolls out generation in every the metropolis when visional series engine makes ” visional arena ” series game, and ” visional arena 2014 ” the newest work that is this series. All players can download freely and let his thought flow freely this quite open game, the fun of FPS experiences below PVP mode. If you want to try, click here to go government-owned net downloads.

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