World ping surpasses Ding Ning 4

Ping of individual 2017 life surpasses female odd final, the civil war between two Chinese players, urge again and again of the champion that defend crown is opposite a Zhu Yuling, 3 bureaus win repeatedly below the circumstance with 3 bureaus backward 1-2 afore, changeover of total score 4-2, in gain the championship while successful Wei Mian, the ping of the 3rd world after also becoming Deng Yaping of afterwards of Chinese female ping, Wang Nan surpasses 3 coron上海千花网龙凤论坛

als king.

Mixed 2011 two worlds ping surpassed urge again and again of female odd champion 2015, current give fight with identity of number one seed, 1/4 final and semifinal get爱上海同城

the better of eaves of wild beauty of pure peace of beautiful of Ishikawa of two Japanese players repeatedly, hit the 3rd times into world ping to surpass finals, before two times she gains the championship entirely. After Zhu Yuling washs out Yi cane beautiful city, beat Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen one after another in two civil war, hit into world ping to surpass finals first. From in the past two people are in light of the record上海贵族宝贝论坛

of fight hand to hand of international match, urge again and again is held windward.

Head Ding Ning will be entered quickly on the bureau bureau, insist to grab attack before catching 3 board the effect is apparent, bureau connect 5 minutes, come up to precede with respect to 5-1. Zhu Yuling cast上海千花网

s off the nervous condition of the bureau gradually, take a few cent hind to narrow cent is differred for a time repeatedly, urge again and again rises once more after 6-4 situation, grab those who assault is very active, it is one notchs climax, take 5 minutes to forestall his opponent by a show of strength with 11-4 repeatedly.

Zhu Yuling of the 2nd bureau strengthens the fierce sex of top spin ball, begin is more decisive, the bureau is rapid pull open minute of difference, come up to precede with 6-2. Urge again and again does not have fluster, continue to hold to established tactics, before 3 board grab attack enhance the quality that answer a ball, recapture on field active advantageous position. In Ding Ning apply ceaselessly pressure below, grow in quantity of error of Ling of bright red rain became random rhythm, urge again and again takes 7 minutes to exceed instead with 9-7 repeatedly. Zhu Yuling of the moment of truth withstands pressure, gain an advantage to studying warfare, connect so that pull an one bureau 4 minutes with 11-9 changeover.

It is to get probably end of the 2nd bureau paragraph by the influence of changeover, what will hit on urge again and again of the 3rd bureau is a little frowsty, cannot find feel to be connected to take 5 minutes by Zhu Yuling. Although after this expression has a bit,improve, but Ding Ning is backward still and too much, rise very hard situation suffer a defeat with the big score of 4-11. Before the 4th bureau is bilateral half paragraphs of contention is unusually intense, high level is hit in be locked in a stalemate, score rises alternately, war comes 5 the Zhu Yuling after making the same score rises gradually situation, although Ding Ning is chased after closely,do not abandon, but of Zhu Yuling counterattack successful rate is very high, maintain the suppress to Ding Ning. The Ding Ning after 7-9 is active begin, some hesitation that Zhu Yuling hits are chased after to come 9 smooth. Subsequently Zhu Yuling is grabbed attack hit the target take bureau place, urge again and again strikes back procurable chase after to 10 smooth. Urge again and again of the moment of truth is grabbed pull hit the mark again, be locked in a stalemate is lost to pulling Zhu Yuling to hit, urge again and again is connected so that win victory 2 minutes with 12-10.


Urge again and again of the 5th bureau makes an imposing manner, active to attacking battle to obtain, come up to precede with 3-1. Zhu Yuling strengthens aggression to bite score closely, urge again and again continues to get with weak dominant position run. Battle sends force once more to the Ding Ning after 6-5, what crucial component hits is very decisive, open a phase thoroughly, take 4 minutes to take bureau place with 10-6 repeatedly. Out of bounds is pulled instead after Zhu Yuling recovers a bureau to nod, 3-2 of total score of get victory of 阿拉爱上海同城

11-6 of urge again and again is banner.

Urge again and again of the 6th bureau jumps over Zhan Yueyong, aggression efficiency is extremely tall, those who hit is special have bully energy of life, crushing on imposing manner Zhu Yuling, keep banner all the way. Although Zhu Yuling is hit very tenacious, but face a temperament or be inferior to Ding Ning, active error slants not to pay crucial cent more, urge again and again from beginning to end dominant situation, 6-5 hind gets advantage of 3 minutes of establish repeatedly. The Ding Ning after 10-6 is hit throw a game ball, depend on finally write down grab pull procurable, 11-7 Suo Dingsheng bureau, force of total score 4-2 overcomes Zhu Yuling, the individual is taken while the success defends crown ping of the 3rd world surpasses female Chan Guanjun.

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