Liaoning feeds medical inspect: The 10 medicine look forward to such as company of Shenyang Noah medicine flies check is unqualified

Chinese net finance and economics on July 3 dispatch today, liaoning feeds medical inspect bureau to issue the announcement that about medicines and chemical reagents wholesale bu上海贵族宝贝

siness flight examines a case, undertook checking to the 10 medicine look forward to such as limited company of Shenyang Noah medicine阿爱上海同城


Announcement shows, city of big stone bridge jumps industry of drug of Xin of day of opening of limited co上海千花网论坛

mpany of medicine of be apt to, battalion high of limited company of group of medicine of Heng Xin of limited company, Liaoning, Dalian amounts to industry of drug of mountain of limited company of medicine of Banding of limited 阿爱上海同城

company of medicine of Noah of finite liability company, Shenyang, Liaoning, iron medical limited company is new especially medicine. The pertinent question that a上海夜网

fore-mentioned industries appear parts to be supervised by burea上海千花网论坛

u of city of bureau of city of mountain of bureau of battalion mouth city, Shenyang city bureau, iron, Dalian rectify and reform.

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