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During contracting nephritic disease, the body of a lot of people begins all sorts of appearing problems, often feel lack of power, the power of the body is insufficient also, want to rest more at ordinary times, plus body occurrence ability not equal to one’s ambition, much should some more compensatory fruit and vegetable, the patient of nephrosis is choosing a fruit to go up at ordinary times, can much edible some banana, and rich contain carotene, hydrochloric acid, the food with amino fast acid content.

Nephrosis can eat what kind of fruit

Nephrosis patient can eat what fruit:

1, return nephrosis patient, more sodium salt still is contained in banana, the person with kidney undesirable function eats banana to be equal to much salt eating sodium more. As we have learned, the disease with kidney not complete functionShanghai Long Feng forum

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Person, edible banana excessive, what can increase kidney function is negativeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Carry, defer an illness improve, have the possibility that causes illness aggravation. This shows, banana although nutrition is rich, but nephritic disease should be treated cautiously when patient edible, nephrosis patient do not excessive edible.

Nephrosis can eat what kind of fruit

2, contain in banana a variety ofLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Vitamin, be like moustacheLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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P of E of C of turnip element, sulfur amine element, nicotinic acid, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, among them the flexibility that vitamin E can add hemal wall. Additional, the microelement Potassium ion that can reduce blood pressure more relatively is contained in banana, relatively agree with hypertensive patient edible.

Nephrosis can eat what kind of fruit

3, diabetic, nephrosis, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The patient of miocardial infarction is unfavorable also eat an apple more, because the apple contains many saccharide and sylvite, absorb go against health care of heart, kidney too much, the patient with heart failure and serious oedema is unfavorable eat watermelon more, the fruity edible such as litchi also wants because of the person different.

Pass the introduction of above, should have certain knowledge to these content. Now duration summer, eat some of fruit more aptly quite. Remind those nephrosis patients, must eat according to the method of above, the dietary method that above place mentions, can help us treat this kind of disease not only, and still won’t let a patient feel insipid.

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