[how does the red carbonado with the practice sweet _ of flesh of sweet taste braise in soy sauce do _ sweet the practice of lipstick carbonado] –

Article introduction

What flesh of sweet taste braise in soy sauce points to is flesh of braise in soy sauce tastes mouthfeel is sweeter, usually we can fry candy color when making pork of braise in soy sauce, and the method of the color that fry candy basically is to use white sugar or rock candy, can reach the action that mentions delicacy already, can make the color of flesh of braise in soy sauce brighter again at the same time, more good-looking, if think sweet taste of eating flesh of braise in soy sauce is more sufficient, opposite when putting sugar for can put more a bit.

The practice of flesh of sweet taste braise in soy sauce

How is sweet red carbonado done

Material steaky pork, old smoke, anise, ginger, pepper, fire sesame oil, rock candy, garlic, salt


1, prepare data, steaky pork is abluent, cut; of mahjong piece size

The practice of flesh of sweet taste braise in soy sauce

2, boiler burns hot incendiary sesame oil, explode; of anise of Chinese prickly ash of garlic of sweet Jiang Pian

3, break up into steaky pork fry to two sides small anxious, join cooking wine or; of liquor, soy, rock candy

4, turn into arenaceous boiler to add right amount boiled water, slow fire stew a hour, want to notice to often turn over, on one hand even chromatically, avoid pigskin to stick boiler on the other hand. Those who give boiler1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
It is OK that bit of pepper and salt are spilled before.

5, fill piece, had placed, appetite will be better.

Practice 2

1. cuts the steaky pork that take a skin square piece, green, Jiang Qie becomes big.

Oil is put to burn heat inside 2. boiler, put white sugar to break up fry, wait for sugar fleshy piece is put when color, add water right amount, with soy, refined salt, white sugar, green piece, Jiang Pian, anise, sweet leaf flavors, hour of 1-1.5 of stew of make down fire is become namely.

1. steaky pork is abluent cut Cheng Xiaoding oil of one small spoon is put to burn to small low-grade fever in;2, boiler, put rock candy to break up fry, melt completely to rock candy;

3. pours diced meat to break up fry, make wrap equably on syrup;

4. mix into enters right amount boiled water, add often smoke, burn bittern to flavor packet of;

The boiler on 5. lid is built, small fire stew is controlled 40 minutes close to juiceNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Work can.

Practice 3,


Raw material: Bag of makings of high-quality goods steaky pork, stew, green, rock candy, tea.

The practice of flesh of sweet taste braise in soy sauce

Condiment: Cardamom seed of green ginger garlic, anise, beans, arenaceous benevolence, wine of candy of cassia bark, sweet leaf, dried tangerine or orange peel, dry chili, Bai Sha, salt, soy, carry on.


Measure 1, steaky pork cuts a scald in putting cold water to go hematic end.

Measure 2, scald water finalizes the design. (Must not have cut piece again scald, burn the red carbonado that go out in that way thisA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Not model, finished product can pie-eyed)

Measure 3, the air after fish out is cool cut euqally big diamonds;

Measure 4, a few oil is put in boiler, ; of flavor of garlic of ginger of sweet green of stir-fry before stewing

Measure 5, put fleshy piece stir-fry before stewing to fry (stir-fry before stewing fries an oil in the flesh) ;

Measure 6, a few oil is put to fry candy lubricious; into Bai Sha candy in boiler

Measure 7, fry white sugar to becomeShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Purplish red color closes small fire;

Measure 8, candy1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Lubricious bleb involves fire quickly by big decrescent, enter boiled water (this is the crucial one step in flesh of braise in soy sauce, this candy color is the flavour of caramel, the belt in can letting flesh of braise in soy sauce become sweet is nodded slightly caramel flavour) ;

Measure 9, in pouring the flesh, add boiled water of wine of a few carry on to burn join tea water to be able to go fishy smell is ripe fast;

Measure 10, add soy mix colors finally, add salt to flavor;

Measure 11, put deep bowl in, put boil of boiled water conflagration to cast aside go float foam, make down baked wheaten cake 45 minutes of;

Measure 12, change a conflagration that fry pan to put rock candy to make juice ropy can give boiler, sweet green paragraph ornament. (Juice thick smell is sweet, irrigate strong interest exceeds on rice. )

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