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It is the common food in the life, but leek is to belong to vegetable, and watermelon belongs to a fruit. Accordingly, a lot of people are met when eating leek and watermelon kink, eat at the same time can be opposite the body is bad. Leek and watermelon look alone is two kinds of food with very rich nutrition, also at the same time edible is opposite some food the body will be influential. So can leek eat together with watermelon?

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1. leek and watermelon had better eat apart, although did not have clear specification watermelon and leek to eat to be able to have what disadvantage, but leek is stimulative digestive, and the effect that watermelon also has slippery bowel, so if eat together the circumstance of very incidental diarrhoea, if be right amount word issue only not should big. Leek contains many crude fibre, so not quite good digest, watermelon is the fruit of cool sex, it is very easy that if be intestines and stomach,so bad person eats this different food bellyacke or diarrhoea.

Can leek eat together with watermelon

2. leek and watermelon had better not eat together, leek is hot content, watermelon is cool matter, if had gastric department not afflictive do not have a thing. Want to note at ordinary timesShanghai noble baby

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Meaning raise a stomach, accomplish 3 eat rule, avoid smoke wine and raw or cold food are good hot exciting food, prevent suffer from excessive internal heat of catch cold catch cold, need not stimulate medicine of gastric mucous membrane, notice dietetic hygiene.

Can leek eat together with watermelon

3. watermelon and the word that leek takes apart have profit, say leek first, although leek is hair content, but the dimension of leekLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Crude element and mineral content are richer still, have effect of prevention and cure to a lot of diseases, have profit to liver and kidney, the man takes leek to still fill again of kidneyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Action, the female ate can invigorate the circulation of blood comes loose Yu, let color ameliorate. The nutrient value of watermelon is very high also, besides solution heat, all sorts of nutrition that watermelon returns place of can compensatory human body to need, already can hairdressing can beautify hair again.

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